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Let us show you how to provide safe, effective allergy testing and treatment to your patients.

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Needle free, painless allergy test with instantly precise test results for your patients. Successfully eliminates rhinitis, and effectively treats sinusitis, atopic dermatitis, allergic conjunctivitis, asthma and more. This is the only disease modifying strategy that is proven for patients with multiple allergies.

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Beacon Clinics provides you a complete solution for your practice. No upfront costs, no additional staff burden, no new software and no anti-kickback/stark issues. See significant and meaningful revenues in just 30 days.

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There are 10 key risks in launching ancillary income lines of care. We will reduce or even eliminate them.

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Apologies To The 90%
In September 2015, US Pharmacopeial Convention(USP) issued proposed revisions to its standards for mixing in sterile compounding labs,including allergy compounding. In short,an estimated 90% of all allergists, ENTs and allergy service firms mix in medical clinics vs. Class 5 ISO  sterile labs. The economics of mixing in clinic support this.
Clinical Grade vs Pharma Grade
So 90% of allergy clinics offer clinical grade AI ( Allergen Immunotherapy) medication.  Pharmaceutical grade AI medication is offered at only 10%, by industry estimates. Class  5 ISO standards will be imposed on these clinic-based allergy mixing labs. The Allergy industry in the form of a January 27,2016 letter to its members( see below) is requesting to modify these strict standards due to;
1) Long term success in current in clinic aseptic mixing standards and
2) Serious financial consequences for the allergy clinicians, among other reasons.
  • No Upfront Costs
  • No Ongoing Costs
  • No Additional Staff Burden
  • No New Software
  • No Anti Kickback / Stark Issues
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  • Needle Free, Painless Test
  • Instant, Precise Test Results
  • Custom Medication Provided
  • Convenient Allergy Immunotherapy at Your Clinic
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